I don't know

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I'm sitting at Midway Airport, my dad just dropped me off. I decided to surprise my family and fly home for the weekend as I won't be home at all this summer, summa skool and all. I flew in late Wednesday night and now Sunday has come too soon. I'm not really sad, I just feel kinda weird. I think I just feel like I'm a grown up now. When you stop feeling sad when you leave your family does that mean you're grown up? Or maybe it's just that I wasn't home long enough to get attached again. I definitely notice things about home, now, that I think are completely awesome whereas when I lived at home were just regular non-awesome things. I love, love, love Los Angeles and I would like to live there even after I graduate, but it all depends on law school. God, the LSATs. In 3 weeks! I am so not prepared.