I kissed a girl

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So how many poeple have heard th song "I kissed a girl"? i want your opinions on the song, i think its great. fox news did a thing on it where they showed a bunch of homophobes saying they dont want there children listening to it, and one specialist who said you should use it to discuss things with your child. wich i agree with. it makes a wonderful discussion topic. oh and i love that the singers parents are really religious and wouldnt let her listen to anything but like religious music and "safe" music. lol anyway, so whats everyones opinion on the song?

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I've heard that song!

I've heard that song! I forget who it's by, but I liked it. I think at one point I was going to buy it off iTunes; I forget why I didn't...

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The one by Katy Perry or Jill Sobule? I'm assuming Katy Perry because of the religious comment.
If you look closer the song's lyrics talk about getting drunk and then kissing a girl, and hoping that her"Boyfriend won't mind it". It's true that the song is seemed to be meant in a campy, not serious way, but still.... Jury's out. Not to say I'm not going to keep listening to it, it's catchy and fun.

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They're afraid of a like 10 year old Jill Sobule song?

To me, this is the same as people who can't hear anything different from their religion because they need to stay pure.

If your sexuality is wavering to the point where hearing a song about two girls kissing makes you like vag, you're already a lesbian.


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johnny are you queer? is a

johnny are you queer? is a great song... but im not quite sure what the song's trying to say ;) lol. its on the "A date with john waters" cd. god i love that man. who can pass up edith massey's version of big girls dont cry? lol

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I love the new I kissed a

I love the new I kissed a girl by Katy Perry it's really catchy and i listen to it alot.. i illegal got it off of myspace in march and it's been on a couple different cd's i've made and now even my mom sings along to it... my sister listens to it too.... she says she doesn't mind if she kisses a girl cuz Katy is dating one of the guys (travis) from gym class heroes that my sis likes .. and the old one by Jill Souble well that's got history to it so i like it... it's not the greatest song alive..
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i love that song! i put it

i love that song! i put it on one of my mix cds. i think that it's a free country and that people should be able to listen to whatever they want. im sorry but a song is not going to "turn" anyone gay.

If male homosexuals are called "gay," then female homosexuals should be called "ecstatic." ~Shelly Roberts

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I like her singing and the

I like her singing and the music is good..

some of the lyrics are like....meehhhh with me but it's catchy.
(Now her other song "Ur So Gay" I don't like)

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it was so funny!

yesterday i was hanging out with some friends and one of them got a txt from his sisterwith the lyrics from that song. he was like "OMG!!!! i knew she was a lesbian!!!" and i told him it was a song and he was so disappointed. hahaha.

i really like the song and love her singing. i agree with yep_im_a_stalker about the lyrics though. some lines are meh.

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i love the song...@_@

i heard the song on my lesbian bestfriend' s page, and i fell in love with it, i mean how many singers that just popped up have the balls to sing about a topic that mostly all of america is to touchy to mention, granted in the song she says it was a mistake and its just an experimental game, but the fact that it got ppl so eraticly behaved is amazing to me, im all for it GO KATY!!!

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"I Kissed a Girl" [the Katy version]... is a shitty song.
Guess what? I kissed a girl too. In fact, I kissed a few of them. But I didn't have to write a fucking song about it. Why? Because no one would care to hear. The whole "girls-kissing-girls being interesting/exciting/hot/rebellious" thing is SO five years ago. At this point it's totally overdone. If a singer wants to talk about their homo-erotic experiences, they should make an effort to write about it in a creative way that we haven't all heard before.

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i dont find this song catchy nor creative really...dont like it much.

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The Jill Sobule song = cute,

The Jill Sobule song = cute, harmless, fun.

The Katy Perry song = idiotic, homogenized, silly.

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i like another one of her

i like another one of her songs, "Ur So Gay..."

it's horrible, but i can't help laughing at it, especially the last line...

maybe it's the video that makes it so funny...

Leave you alone for FIVE MINUTES!

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ur so gay :P

i listened to it for the first time the other day,
and on the last line "you don't even like.... PENIS!"
i immediately burst into laughter. some of the
stereotypes she says in the song make me laugh,
too, because i know tons of guys that fit that
description, and they're all dating some of my friends.

& i love I Kissed a Girl. my friends call it my song,
b/c of this rumor going around school about how
"i'm a dyke" - some kid said to me. all of my friends
walk down the hall with me and basically screamm
the lyrics to it. i like Katy's music in general.
Thinking of You and One of the Boys are my faves.

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I like that song. It is

I like that song. It is silly, granted. But it's fun. It's like rawer... And stuff. I dunno. X3

And the Jill Sobule song is just adorable. X3

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I like that song too. it

I like that song too. it bugs me just a little bit how it is soo formulized (formula-ized, thats probably not a word). like, of course its gonna be a hit song, its got a catchy tune and is just shocking enough to make people feel like their rebelling but not actually homosexual enough to turn off the general public. it just feels like...whoever wrote the song wasn't really inspired, they just wanted to make a song they knew a lot of people would want to listen to.
but, i still like it. :)

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You really think people can intentionally make a catchy song that people like? If they knew how to do that, people would *only* do that.


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Well, I hear my aunt

Well, I hear my aunt sometimes talk about songs and stuff. She worked for Warner Brothers for a really long time, so she knows a lot about how to get songs sold. For example, she said that there has to be a "hook" (something that catches the listeners attention or interest) within a few seconds of a song or it won't sell as well.

So yes, that is what I think.

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There's a HUGE gap between the ability to sell a song that has a hook and to create songs from scratch that have hooks. They can identify them, they can push enough money on something that's close to make you hear it enough to think it's hooky, but they still can't create a hook. If they could, there wouldn't be as many top artists who have singles that just tank.

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They try all the time. You can definitely tell when a song is over-produced crap.

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Exactly my point...

If they could, they would. And they certainly try...

"Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment." - Rumi

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its my ringtone lol

i'm cheap so i recorded it from my bnoyfriends phone lol, so when my volume is on my ringtone is i kissed a girl, wich i find ironic

**Far from a saint, not quite a sinner**

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I love when people find it

I love when people find it degrading to women.
I mean never mind the 14 cents less they make per hour in an executive job, their position in society, how they're presented in the bible or anything of a serious nature. The song is just so much worse!

And using it to discuss things with a child? Really? Because it's such a taboo issue that you can't just come out and talk about guys fucking or girls doing... what ever assorted things they do (WTF do girls do, like seriously?). Get a pair of fucking balls you crappy ass parents. I don't even know how those people can produce jizz!

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Girls do whatever the fuck they want. As do most people.

Do I shock you darling?
-Sally Bowles, Cabaret

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I love it

I don't care if it's stupid, you shouldn't take it that seriously. It's a fun catchy song, I get happy when it comes on the radio.

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I finally downloaded this on iTunes... it's kinda boring. I'll wait til some gay guy sings it, it will be more fun.

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I just heard it all the way

I just heard it all the way through today...and it's pretty damn lame. The lyrics suck and, although her voice is nice, it's a pretty shitty song.
But it fits our one-trick dog world, so good for her.

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Hmm I am not sure what to think

Honestly...I am happy to have a song that is not just the normal guy and girl thing...and I can say that there are worst songs out there....but yeah as my friend calls it...its a lip stick lesbian athem.....I guess maybe it brings hope that maybe though its not the exact message that I want to give to the public of bisexuals or any homosexual for that matter....it might open it up for more options...though it might be like Tatu "All the things she said" (ugh fake lesbians) where its popular for awhile but does nothing....I guess its all upon if other songs that are about same-sex topics come that are more tastful become popular too....Though I just am not sure honestly what to think about it....


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Lipstick lesbians aren't fake lesbians. That term usually refers to lesbians who still like to wear makeup and dresses and all that girly stuff, but are totally into chicks. Whereas the girl in the song is just playing around...

"Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment." - Rumi

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I know it's lame, but I love that song far more than I should. It's catchy. :]

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It's good stupid fun.

Yes, I'm aware that it's a fairly shit song. But... Katy Perry closely resembles Zooey Deschanel. That I like. And the video features a pillow fight. Feathers flying everywhere... Lots of exposed underarms... I'm not complainin'.

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A bunch of my friends and I

A bunch of my friends and I were in the car today and that song (Katy Perry version) came on the radio. First time I'd heard it, yet before the singing started I got the weirdest feeling like I knew this song... go figure.

I didn't think it was an especially great song. A little on the shallow side. It's stuck in my head now, though. :-)

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AWESOME f-ing song!! on my

AWESOME f-ing song!! on my iPod!

Bisexual by nature. Absolutely fabulous by choice.

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fuck that song...its joke to

fuck that song...its joke to the whole gay community....it is pretty catchy though haha

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How is it a joke to the

How is it a joke to the whole gay community? Last I knew, the stereotypical fag was either camp or rather promiscuous...

The "gay community" is a stupid stereotype anyway. The only thing in common is the fact that they have a mutual attraction to the same sex. That's not any basis for any community, at least to me.

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I love that song. :D