lesbian fiction

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So I read "Deliver Us from Evie." I wouldn't really recommend it. It was kind of below my reading level not to insult anyone who has read it and liked it. It just wasn't very fast-paced. It also didn't have that great of a plot. It didn't have that much lesbian content. Not that I wanted it to have adult content. I just wanted the main character to be a lesbian instead of her being more of a supporting character.


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hum well a good book-by me i

hum well a good book-by me i think-that is more...adult, to me at least considering the teen based novels i usally read is Price of Salt, about one girl whos in a bad marrage and one who hates her job and they meet and go on a roadtrip and fall in love and the womens husband gets jealous-thats all im saying for that matter-it was slow but for some unknown reason it was also really good-one of those ones i kept thinking about-even tho the ending was sort of confusing.
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