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I'm cutting it close, here, but I don't care about work. I have 45 minutes to shower and get ready. Eh. I wish I could quit and get a job I like. But really, what's out there? Is there anyone who actually likes their job?

At least I have work off tomorrow, because I'm going to Long Beach Pride!! It's a couple hours away, but oh well... I've bought the tickets and C and I are heading down there. Hopefully it's chill.

Gah I think it is a small crush with straight girl. I struck up conversation on myspace, haha, I really should try more often in person, but it never seems like there's an opportunity. But, seriously, where's a nice gay girl to focus my attention on? At least bi? Come onnnn.


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My job sucks too.I hate the

My job sucks too.I hate the place,they repeatedly fuck me over.
But anyways Pride counds like it will be fun!Hope you find some hot lesbians there ;)

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hey lady ;-)

work doesn't have to suck all the time. i actually have a job that i love...
i teach guitar to kids, private and semi-private lessons. i've been doing it for about 4 years, and it's the best job i've ever had! i love music, and this jobs allows me to help kids discover their own passion for music. it's very rewarding to see kids' musical ability improve over time. i also like that it's quite monetarily rewarding. i know i'm really lucky to have this job, and i hope to keep doing it for the next couple years until i become a full-time school-teacher.
i also teach swim, and have been doing that for about 6 years. it can be more challenging and less monetarily-rewarding than teaching guitar, but it still pays much better than minimum-wage. i am really into swimming, so i enjoy teaching kids to swim for the great fitness they get out of it, and it's nice to know that i'm helping to counteract the epidemic of childhood-obesity and inactivity that plagues America today. it's also very important to me that the kids learn how to be safe in and around water, to prevent accidents and drownings.
what i'm saying is, it's possible to find a part-time job that you actually enjoy... but you will probably have to put some time and effort into finding it. for both of my jobs, i had to have special training. i took music courses and lifeguarding/instructing/first-aid courses. i had meetings with various employers. social-networking has helped me get some good jobs, meaning that i "put myself out there" by talking to friends, friends of friends, etc... and as a result found out about some openings for assorted jobs that suited me.
basically, i'm really into working with kids, that's my niche but yours might be something different. i'm sure there's something out there for you... good luck!

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Yeah i hate kids, hah, but

Yeah i hate kids, hah, but there might be something out there for me.

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Wish I could see you there! It's only an hour away for me, but I have no way of getting there. Anyway, have fun at pride!

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Ah dang sorry you can 't go.

Ah dang sorry you can 't go.

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I teach swimming lessons

I teach swimming lessons too. I like it. I mean, it's cold, my hands go all prunie and I have kids that spit in my face (not intentionally/in a rude fashion..), but I guess I like it because it is rewarding.

I also got a summer time job out at a summer camp. I like it for its location: lake of the woods, ie a great big lake. So I get paid to lifeguard kids, teach kids to build fires, etc and then tan, eat, swim, canoe around a bit, watch movies, have staff parties and have a good time with a good group of people =) So yes, I guess I do believe you can find a job you like!
Have fun at the beach pride event!! =)