my only girl

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so yea about 4 months ago my gf got engaged to this guy that she barely even knew so yea well she never told me that she was engaged, i ended up finding out from my friend savi so yea. we were in an open relationship so we had bfs and all. i ended up breaking up with her on her birthday. i had forgotten it was her bday. we had been going out for almost a year and i wanted to get to be with one person and one person only and it wasnt her cuz she wasnt willing to be with a girl only and she still isnt willing. and to tell everyone here the truth to this day im still crazy about her. ( her engagement ended a month later, come to find out all he wanted her for was sex)

ill end this with a quote from the poem that me and my friend savi wrote
his 30 second romance
her 30 second romance
i hate him for every reason
i love her for no reason