new gay friends

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I'm sure everyone had the day off school for Memorial Day. Yes, and I didn't have work! So we had band practice for a few hours, and that went while, minus our lead singer. He's always off doing something else. Rarely comes to practice. Sometimes we think he's not always truthful in his whereabouts. Eh. And on that topic, we think he's gay with his good pal. I'm crossing my fingers!

After band practice I met up with a new friend, who often goes to our shows [and likes girls! and guys, has a bf] we'll call her... has R been taken? R, then. We had lots of fun, hiking, talking about being gay, girls, being gay, girls, the L Word, how we like a lot of straight girls, gay girls, being gay. Loved it. And then we watched the L Word and ate quesadillas.

I suppose next weekend is gay weekend with her and her reeeaally gay friend. We're going to have an L Word weekend. Her friend and I have a bit in common, actually, both are blonde, gayer than gay, and play bass in a band. Can't go wrong.

It's lovely knowing people of your kind.


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your post made me happy! i'm glad you're meeting gay friends! There have been lots of happy things going on with me too lately, but I should sleep now (gotta a plane in the morning!!) so I'll post later!

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Gay friends are the best =)