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Mind if I corrupt you?, she said
And my mind switched to black and white
It became night time in a big city full of lights and rain
And she took a drag on her cigarette, then tossed the butt into the gutter
Where the lipstick-stained filter fizzled into darkness.

Not at all, I said
And I mentally adjusted my fedora,
Removing a lighter from my coat pocket
And lighting her second cigarette, as well as my own,
And she took my arm as we walked down a seedy alley

Take me home with you, she said
And I made my book-filled bedroom
Into a cheap flat on the east side of the city
Owned by a man who never asked questions
As long as the rent was payed.

You want a drink?, I said
Pretending I had proffered bourbon
Instead of my usual black coffee made in the ancient coffee pot
In a shot glass, or maybe a bottle
Instead of a chipped mug.

She put her arms around me,
And I allowed the credits to roll,
And the camera to fade to black.


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I really love the

I really love the descriptions, and the first line of "mind if I corrupt you?" is absolute genius. To lend some constructive criticism, I'm not really picking up on a theme...I mean, it's obvious the narrator is acting as if his own life is a film noir, but what does that MEAN? What context does it play in life as a whole? How can people relate to it? You've got an awesome idea going here; give it some bones to hold it up and it'll be primo.

“Never forget! The higher we soar, the smaller we appear to those who cannot fly.”
-Friedrich Nietzsche