nuthin like a runaway dyke to put the spook in you.

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so... one of my friends ran away. she left a suicide note saying that she was gunna drown herself. but she didnt she has been gone for like... a few days and... her brother saw her but she booked it. why does she insist on putting the stress on all of us? dont call me selfish for saying that because she wont kill herself... we all know it. she's doing it for the shock and the worry in us all. i used to be in love with that girl but.. she seems more like a friends with benefits/sister thing. dont ask me how that plays in the same picture and no i dont find it grosse. cuz 1)there are certain things she does that makes me overly protective of her ((like a big sister)) 2)when im single she's like... my fuck buddy, without the fuck we just makeout and stuff. i dont really see her as a friends with benefits type anymore i guess, because im in love but that was my previous view on her.

in other words just to update everyone since i havnt been on here lately. you remember that girl that i was crushing on alot and wanted her and stuff? well i finally got her for myself. she's myne 100% she's comming to see me this summer and im stoked as a blind man in a fish market. hah. that's abit of afroman for you. but yea.
so.. i have to do the dishes and get ready to go chill with my friend so... ttyl you beautiful bloggers. hah.



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I don't think lesbians should be comparing their dating lives to fish markets, Afroman references or not... just sayin'.

Hmm, if she gets the reaction she wants, why question her intent? Sounds like she's on the right side of the equation here. If you want to freak everyone out and make them worry, and you do something that causes them to freak out and worry, it's not really sending a message that will change her behavior.

Gotta just not look for her, not try to find her, and not wonder where she is. And when she returns, don't ask about it, just say hey, like she had told you she would be off studying for a few days and you wouldn't see her.


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just to let jeff know

i wasnt comparing my dating life to the fish market i was comparing my excitedness, kaythanx.

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i love u haylee "you front

i love u haylee

"you front the facade of a righteous man but the hole in your heart put the gun in your hand" -leftover crack

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"you front the facade of a

"you front the facade of a righteous man but the hole in your heart put the gun in your hand" -leftover crack

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I feel your pain. My best friend ran away in January and they didn't find her for weeks. Then they sent her to this boarding school and I haven't talked to her since. :'(

&&Yeah,I sorta also had a fuck buddy w/o the fuck. It didn't end well.

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