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I was on Topix t'day. I was reading the comments on the article about May 17 being the day against homophobia.

The first comment is one saying that homosexuals are demons. But not just simply demons though. It in fact spelled out that, those that are sinful and unholy are sent or carried to another realm by a devil. The devil then gives the unholy and sinful person a virus. This virus somehow has the ability to turn one gay or lesbian. Or greedy. Or anything else that the commenter deems bad. The commenter then went on to say that homosexuals aren't living.

How does it feel to be undead devils? With a virus injected in you that caused you to be gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual or anything else.


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Hell yes!!! Undead! I

Hell yes!!! Undead! I always wanted to be a vampire XD
I'm sorry that that person feels that way. Even if they are homophobic, him/her hating homosexuals isn't going to change anyone else's orientation. The poster that wrote that is missing out on a lot of awesome people that way =[

[kinda ironic though 'cause I'm an athiest ~ don't believe in the devil anyway]

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It is often trying to justify your life to people who believe in talking snakes and people living inside of whales.


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so wait....i'm an infectious

so wait....i'm an infectious disease?

i'm gonna sneeze on as many people as possible tonight.

Leave you alone for FIVE MINUTES!

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not just an infectious

not just an infectious disease!

You travel to different realms! There you infect the other sinful dead people!

You really have no emotion. You're really just a "lesbian-factory".

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hm... I feel like if I was a

hm... I feel like if I was a vessel of Satan, I'd be sexier.

Be yourself. 'Cause if you're busy being somebody else, who's gonna be you?

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Bertha: The big evil lesbian goddess

Actually it cited a big evil lesbian goddess...
I'm gonna name it Bertha.

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Is there any way to pass the

Is there any way to pass the virus to someone else? There are some guys I'd love to infect *evil smirk*

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.....Again, does this mean i

.....Again, does this mean i can call into school gay?