queer, sex in the city, beating the block

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I got second place in our writing contest with the piece I wrote about realizing I was gay. And it will be in our literary magazine for all to see. Eat it up, conservatives. I'm queer, I'm here, get used to it!

Sex and the City is as long as Lord of the Rings, but has better fashion. I actually really quite liked it. Kept you interested. Oh, Mr Big.

And you know, I don't know, though I've never been a fan of marriage, maybe it wouldn't be so bad. Just, no kids. (Icky).

Oh, and since my last rant about writer's block, I wrote 3 songs. I think I like them.


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Pthat sounds supper cool.. sex and the city is like so flipin kool'e'O!

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Besides the medieval armor,

Besides the medieval armor, the flying magical dragons, the pure white haired wizard, an all seeing eye, a magical rings and the ugly things called orcs taken out, LOTR is exactly like SATC

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Seriously though. It's all

Seriously though. It's all about romantic subtext.