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so much has happened in the course of this past month and a half.

summer knows, all the way. i told her. i was drunk. it just came out. she was surprised. i skipped school for two days. a mutual friend brought me a note from her basically saying that she was sorry that she didn't feel the same way.

she knows i'm in love with her.

and she's straight.


the nights that i lived for, that meant the world to me (and still do), she doesn't even seem to remember. there are still things that need to be clarified, but i get the picture.

i can't help but wonder what "You know what you mean to me" means to her. because to me, that means I'M AVOIDING SAYING I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU.

i'm going to start crying if i don't stop here, and i need to study.

love to you all.


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Not quite rejection, though. She's straight, your into chicks, doesn't line up.


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I can kinda relate to the

I can kinda relate to the being into someone who isn't into me though I think I take it from a different angle than you do about your relationship with your good friend. Then again it could be very true that my relationship with my good friend is way different from the one you have with yours, aside from the difference of gender. Either way I feel for you and hope you come through to the best.