respect for religious studies teacher, pt. 3!!!

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My theology/religious studies teacher is my hero, and I would have never thought I'd be saying that.

Today in class we talked about almost nothing but being gay.

He told us about how a kid in his 2nd period class said he saw two guys making out and thought it was disgusting. And my teacher told the kid,

"Well, believe it or not, there are gay people here. Some of them might even be in this room."

My teacher goes on to explain about how everyone deserves respect, and to imagine how a gay kid feels, being bullied and such. And he told us about how he's had to explain to former students who were gay that they aren't sinful and they're normal.

I wanted to thank him after class, but he left, and later I almost had another chance, but I was going to be late for my next class. So I think once I see him tomorrow, I'll thank him...especially for saying this, it made me feel better:

"Everyone deserves to be treated with love and respect."

Now that right there... I think, regardless of your ethics, should be the greatest concept to live by.


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My religion teachers were

My religion teachers were like that at my school. My favorite one was my frosh religion teacher, he had to teach our class not to use homophobic language. He was amazing because he also had the same idea of "Everyone deserves love and respect". But it was our first week at this high school and he was a bit off (Most of the kids made fun of him because he was a big time comic book geek and his parents lived with him and he had this aweful laugh that sounded like a chicken get its neck broken...((I spent my summers in my early childhood on a farm in the Phillippines so I know how a chicken sounds like when it gets its neck broken))...the poor man also had a huge case of strabimus). But when he said everyone deserved love and respect, some of the bitchy fundamentalists girls said it was a choice. But Tom (I was his student assisstant, so I got to call him tom!) said that humans by nature choose the easiest choice, so why would any one choose to be gay considering all the shit they still have to go through even in todays modern world. Then he went on to talk about his brothers ( he has 5 brothers, three of them are gay) and how it was tough for them because back when they were in school (He went to the my school's brother school that still has rules that are against gay students.) Man he was amazing he bared his soul out there. That's when I figured out that my high school was the place for me. Man I miss that place I am in college now, not really as awesome as high school is.

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thats fantastic not only do

thats fantastic not only do i wish i had a religious studies teacher-were not allowed to discuse religion at my school but they can have a Bible Club, rude much????-but i want one like yours, thats cool good for him!
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