So its been a bit

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I'm surprised how my moods have swung since the last time I wrote.
My weekend was amazing except for being sick all of last week and it looks like I'll be sick this week too.

Anyway about my weekend.

Saturday: Grand Prix Jumping at Del Mar. I don't know if I ever mentioned it but I'm crazy about horses. Have been since forever and I grew up with them. It made me miss riding a lot though so I'm going to try and get back into it. I want to start doing three day eventing, or at least Cross Country. Yeah I'm crazy like that. Its funny with everything I'm really shy really cautious but when I'm on a horse I'm bold and reckless.

The thing is if I'm going to start riding again I'm going to stop doing drugs.
Now as scary as that thought is Its worth it.
I might love drugs but I love Horses and riding more than that.
So I'm going to be clean again.
We'll see if that makes me happier.

Sunday: Stagecoach Country Music Festival.
Yeah yeah I listen to country music =p
I was raised with it and I have to admit I was raised a cowgirl. Even if I dress myself up all prim and proper and ride around on little saddles with no horns I'll always be western at heart.
That leads up to this weekend..
Its Rodeo season.

I'm excited even if the only events I actually like to watch are Barrels and Bronc riding.

Well I have to go to sleep.
I'll never get better if I don't rest.

Feel free to question any terms I used if you don't know horse stuff.

And yes I do indeed have a horse.
15.3 hands of insane National Show Horse named Lady.
I love my crazy mare.

I forgot to mention its been almost six years since I stopped riding.
The reason I stopped was my barn closed and everyone I had thought were friends from there pretty much disappeared and went on to do other things. So with me not trusting people and loosing them it was a bad thing so I quit riding and thats when I got into drugs =/


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Ah I love horses too! I used

Ah I love horses too! I used to be all into them. Wanted to train, jump, be a jockey. They were all over my room. I had one once upon a time. My mom has one still. However I'm not like you, I'm a bit skittish on a horse. I'm kinda scared of falling off or the horse getting injured. So I never really got into jumping.

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looks soooo fun! But I'd be scared of falling off :P which, come to think of it, is kind of funny since I'm getting my pilot's license. But to each her own, I guess! And it's great that once you start riding you'll stop doing drugs! Country music makes me want to laugh, walk with a swagger and talk in a southern accent even though I'm from the Canadian 'wild west' and so many ppl here are crazy about it. But here's a little secret: I've always wanted to go to a rodeo. So have fun with your horses, country music, and rodeos you cowgirl lioness! :))

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This is to both of you

Falling off isn't as scary as it seems.
I had a good teacher though, my first pony made me fall off all the time lol.

But your fears are understandable.

I'm more afraid to fall off a skateboard than a horse though.