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My practice for Track and Field was a study hall. I guess having above a 3.8 GPA doesn't mean a thing anymore...

But anyway we were entering for the Freshman invitational and I decided to do the 400m and the high jump instead of my 100m and 4x100m relay.

I started out by doing the 4x100m, the 100m and the 200m. I thought I was going to stay with that. It turned out, I really hate the 200m, but I loved the 100m and I'm starting to love the 400m. Then I wanted to do a field event and too many were doing jav. So I decided to try jumping. I don't like the long jump, they don't do broad jump, I can't do the triple jump and it's too late to learn to pole vault.

But aha! I still have an option: the high jump. It's basically jumping sideways over a horizontal pole. I know sounds kinda scary. But it looks so fun!

Wish me luck!


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Wooh that sounds awesome!

Wooh that sounds awesome! I'm on the track & XC team, but I do distance. I can't even comprehend how sprinters do it XD I'm pretty much a slowpoke. But running is basically life. Good luck with the high jump. Personally, I'd pee myself up there; if that's even possible haha. Kinda random: but you sound like a really well-rounded person =]

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Different from the rest of your life, where you jump on vertical poles.

Too easy. Had to be said.

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I love high jump. I'm not on

I love high jump. I'm not on my school's track team but in gym class it was soo much fun. I had the best kick to anyone. I basically kicked my legs so high i'd flip once i landed on the mat.
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