stuff & a podcast?

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school is ehhhhhhhh. I only have 7 or 8 class days left, so... its pretty much over, and I'm happy :]

my life in general is just kinda... I dunno, stagnant? at least to me, any way. there's nothing going on. :\ I'm sick too, I think I have laryngitis. So its very difficult to talk >.>;

so I may or may not have not mentioned this on here before, but I've been really wanting to start a podcast. and I've finally decided to get off my lazy ass and start it! I dunno what it'll be called, but since it'll be completely gay-oriented, maybe something like, "How The Hell Can You Not Tell?" or "The Adventures of a Gay Latino Wiccan". if someone thinks of a good title, tell me!! but anyway, I *do* know what the first episode will be like, it'll be called "Episode One: 'Do you know what they call me? A fag.' ", and in the episode I'll be giving a short intro on myself, maybe talk a little about current LGBT events, and then talk about the topic: what it's like being gay (and slightly out) at a conservative, anti-gay school. I really wanted to record the first episode this week, but with this damn laryngitis, I can't talk at all... D:

so yeah, I'll let you know when the first episode is up! I hope you'll all give it a listen!


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I'd listen.

I still think there should be an Oasis podcast. But I can't find the time.


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Fuck talking. Interpretive

Fuck talking.

Interpretive dance is so much more fun. It'll replace speech, I swear ^.^