Subconscious and You!

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I do believe my sub conscious is trying to speak out to me in new ways. Three dreams in three days about her. Three! I can't remember the first one, just that she was in it, but the second one was her confessing her love for me and me writing her a note, but I can't remember what I put on that note. The next one was her begging me to go somewhere with her and me walking away. Where were we going? I wish the subconscious could be clear just once, I mean imagine the possibilities if we only knew what those damn things were trying to say to us!
On a brighter note I had a great day today and it was all because of one compliment. So go compliment someone tomorrow, try to compliment someone everyday. It really goes somewhere especially when that person is really down in the dumps, who knows, maybe that one compliment will save a life. I know it sounds stupid, but just hearing a word of praise can really turn a day around.


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I hear what you're saying

I hear what you're saying and agree. I also believe, however, that there would be an equal consequence of some sort to having full matery of our minds.

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If this person is a straight crush, I think the subconscious is being very consistent: she's totally into you when reality is not involved.

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