sundayOUT :P

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So today was SundayOUT, a street festival thing that marks the end of Equality Forum here in Philly.

I went with my ESFH (Extra Special Fag Hag), Ashley, and we had a bitchin' time. Then again, any time I hang out with Ashley is bitchin', so w/e.

So we get there, and I can hear the dance music blasting as we come out of the subway station. And I say to myself, "Yup, I'm among my kind."

We walk about for a little while, and what's one of the first things I notice?

Yes...that's right! The Fundie Christians! They look...angrier this year, and fewer in number. There were only 4 of them, it was depressing. They were the source of two out of 4 great quotes today.

"If you could just get your mind off your gonads..." <--Unfortunately, I have raging, uncontrollable hormones. That's not happening.
"You support death, destruction, and disease." <--Dude, seriously. Relax. And I could say the same thing about fundie conservative Christians, but that's besides the point. :P

Anyway, we kept walking around, and I felt a little awkward walking by a stand set up by my former employer... and I recognized 2 of the guys at the stand, it was weird. While all of the companies and groups are handing out cool things like lanyards, pens, and free condoms (I'll get to that), my old employer is handing out free samples of lip balm and cigarette cessation gum. Way to appeal to the masses. :<

Right, so about those free condoms. It's a funny story. Ashley and I are walking, and this guy from an organization called GALAEI (Gay and Lesbian Latino AIDS Education Initiative, or something along those lines) called us over to their table. He starts talking to us about the gay youth prom in June, and we go to make a donation, and just as were about to continue on our way, he calls us back and goes, "Here, have these free condoms", and I take the little baggie, confused about what he said. Once we're out of ear shot, I say to Ashley..."Did he really just say that?"
And she's like, "I dunno". So I open the bag, and, lo and behold, there's three rubbers (one of them is scented or flavored, I can't tell), a little packet of lube, and a pamphlet on safe sex.

Yeah. They're gonna go to waste for right now, considering I haven't gotten laid in like, a month (LOL, wow... I can't believe I just thought that).

Anyway, then I bought 3 little pride buttons, one says "I am not a punchline!", another, "I'm a gay and that's OK!", and the last one has the two male symbols (the little circle and arrow thingie) together and says, "Yes. Really."

So then we left to go to Chinatown, we ate lunch there, and we got on the subway to go to the park, and someone called me a faggot. It kinda stung me at first, but then I said to myself..."It isn't worth getting mad over this little punk. I'm proud of myself, and I don't care about his opinion."

Later, Ashley & I arrived at the park, frolicked, stalked some guy, frolicked more, and then I went home. And now here I am, typing this.

I dunno... I felt a little weird going to the festival this year. I guess its b/c I thought I would have a b/f to go with me. Not that I didn't want to go with Ashley, I love having her there and all, but... it's not the same. And I really want to go to the gay youth prom, but who knows if I'll find someone to go with? I don't want to take a good female friend, that defeats the purpose; and none of my guy friends would agree to it...unfortunately, all my guy friends are str8. Ahh, I dunno.

But whatever, life goes on...and I have this strange feeling that I won't be alone for long...


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We had a Youth Pride day yesterday! Ah! Isn't that cool.

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How was it?

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Oh. It was amazing of

Oh. It was amazing of course! It was fabulous!

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That sounds like fun! Our

That sounds like fun! Our youth pride is this sat, I'm super excited! Last year, Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls was there...

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hey, my parents were at the

hey, my parents were at the Equality Dinner fund-raiser thing last night. they're so liberal and stuff. =)

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Then get your skinny ass to The Attic and find yourself a date!


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