Sweet Jesus...

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I had a track meet yesterday. Oh Jesus, that was horrible. I couldn't do high jump, because we had a canceled practice on Monday because of the stupid fucking dumb ass weather. I got a second slower, I found out that I absolutely suck at blind passes and am only good at visual passes and it rained.

But I love track meets still. The people, I just love the people. They aren't sombre, they're vibrant and they're individual. They're all so different.

Then there was this one girl that was so similar to my best friend, it was scary! They even had the same smile and laugh and everything! Then apparently my last name is pretty cool. These kids really liked it.

And then, I was skipping down a hill after it had stopped raining and at the bottom, right at the bottom, I slipped right on my ass. Didn't hurt at all, but just surprised me. So I just started yelling "Jesus Christ" over and over out of reflex. Then these girls watched it all happened. They had this look of concern on their faces. But after the 6th Jesus Christ they just started laughing. Oh that was fun.

I say Jesus Christ a lot actually...