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So for anyone who likes Mindless Self Indulgence, their new album 'If' is pretty damn good. Good shit.
One thing I seem to forget about the internet is that not every site I like stays around. Most of the lgbt sites I used to lurk on when I was 14, 15 are gone. ikissgirls, bitheway, girltogirl, etc. are all gone (and i got kicked off the ikg LJ community b/c the owner is a douche). And it sucks because it would be nice to have those sites around still. I'm sure there are people here that have some idea of what sites I'm talking about. Actually, Oasis is really the only place that's still around. Sadness.

Don't ask me why but I'm thinking about Halloween costumes now. I'm debating between Carmen San Diego and a southern belle girl, parasol, gloves and all.