the boys, the boys

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i'm spending too much time with one of my friends, im getting sick of him. but i dont know how to say no, and he's the only one who makes the effort to see me. it sucks. i feel like i have friends, but none who truly have my back. they never make time to see me. i have a couple of people who i go out of my way to spend time with, but its never reciprocated, u know? gah it just frustrates me. i feel so alone sometimes. like, i'm surrounded by people, but no one is standing with me. its frustrating. i want to move to brisneyland, but it's definitely not on the cards atm. but once i do, i can be closer to my better friends, and hopefully become even tighter with them.
my title doesnt relate, it's just from the song at the beginning of romeo +juliet, and i like it :)
oh im doing a monologue from much ado about nothing for my next drama performance piece, i love benedick!!!
"LOVE ME?!?!"