The curse

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I have had one of the worst days of period pain that I have ever had in my life.I'm not even exaggerating about that.I ended up just going to bed to try and sleep so I could stop throwing up.It was nasty and inconvienient.I had so much stuff to do today.I should have been studying for my exams which start next week,and then going out to celebrate a friends birthday tonight.But all plans had to come to a standstill.

My mother informed me today that once I have a baby, periods will not be so painful.This concerned me.Being a lesbian it is highly unlikily(though I know not impossible)that I will ever actually be having babies.So I asked "What if I never have a baby?".She had this sort of suprised look on her face,like that had never occured to her.She didn't answer though she continued on with her story about some girl that had terrible periods and then she had a baby and it wasn't a problem for her.

Anyways in other news I went along to another lgbt meeting this week.Well actually this week we went out instead of having a meeting,but it was fun.I am settling in a bit better to the group.I was sort of awkward and uncomfortable before,but one of the girls that runs the group recognised this and made an effort to set me more at ease which was nice.We had a fun night out,but sadly it was the last meeting of this college year.But the few weeks that I have been a member has given me a confidence boost for joining next year.As mental as this will sound it was nice to discover that other lesbian/gay people are just regular people.Most of the group are people I never would have picked as gay in a million trillion years.

Well I'm rambling now so I'm going to go shower and then try some study.Have a fun evening/morning/day whatever it is where you are.


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Getting rid of going on the rag

Check out endometrial ablation. I would have gotten it done if my car hadn't given out on me, costing me the price of half the hospital bill. I don't know if it can be done cheap somewhere. It would be stupid for me to do it now even if I could afford it, being the process is fading out for me now.

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rasberry leaf tea

works wonders for me! btw, university's still on in Ireland? wow, it ended like a month ago here in Canada. How long is your summer break?

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Wow you guys finished a

Wow you guys finished a month ago!!!
We get about 3 and half months off.I finish in a weeks time and will be back in mid-september.How long do you guys get?

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent-Eleanor Roosevelt

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we get about

3 1/2 months too. I guess I exaggerated a bit. yeah, university for ME ended about a month ago, but only because I had lots of evening classes, and in those classes you write finals earlier. For most people here it ended around april 20th. And then we go back the first Tuesday in September; I can't wait because this year I'll be able to take more courses related to my major!!yay! good luck surviving your last weeks!