the gymnast

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So I saw the Gymnast. It wasn't very good. It was kind of slow and boring. Oh well. I am happy to report that blockbuster does carry the l word. You prolly already knew this. For a while I wasn't able to find it. I think I was looking in the wrong section. So it seems that I'm going to be going to Canada again. It's for my friend's birthday. I hope a lot of people come. That way it will be cheaper when we split the costs. Why am I going to Canada you ask? Well, since it's only an hour a way and their drinking age is 19, we will be clubbing and such. That way I can bring all my canadian change. Fun stuff.


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That's what all the people

That's what all the people in Detroit area do.. travel across the Ambassador bridge or the Tunnel and come party it up here in Windsor...
I'm so glad i dont have to travel across the river to drink.. i'm not legal anyway.
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