The Speculation Game and Weight Loss

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Attention all Australians: is Travis on Big Brother 08 gay or not? I know that the Speculation Game isn't nice, but if your on national TV, and you're this guy, it's unavoidable. I think he is straight. But he's one of those "gay-straight" boys - heteros who act like gay boys, but are attracted to women. He is so effeminate it's crazy - and he drives the other boys insane because they refuse to accept that he isn't gay. They are desperate for him to cave in to the label they want to put on him, but he won't. He drives me insane because I don't like his personality... overtly positive people grate against me like sandpaper.


Been a bit worried about my weight lately. Since the break up I've been eating my feelings. I've stopped that, thank gawd, but 've noticed a fullness to my face that wasn't there in February. I've decided to do something about it - and in a healthy way this time. In the past I would wait until winter when I would get sick (Not intentionally - it just worked out well) and I would drop in body fat dramatically. Two years ago I lost 10kg in a week - that is A LOT to lose in one week. The year after I lost 5. I mean, its a means to an end, but it's definitely not healthy. So I'm going to exercise more and eat better. This means I'm cutting back from all take away food. This may be hard because it's a convienence thing for me - I grab Maccas on the way home from uni. I'm cutting back on the amount of carbs i take in. More veggies, though I don't have a problem with that - LOVE veggies... i just never think to include them in a meal. It's hopefully a new leaf. I just pray that I've got the will power to stick to my guns.


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Unless you want your sex partners to be chubby chasers, there's enough motivation in the gay world to stay in shape.

Carbs aren't bad, only simple carbs are bad (flour, sugar, etc.), things that have been refined (usually because the fiber is removed, which means you eat more of it because you don't fill up; and the stuff left after the fiber more readily turns to sugars to fuel your body and if you don't burn them off, they can turn into stored energy (aka fat).

Technically fruits and veggies are mainly carbs, just complex carbs and whole foods. The more a company takes something from nature and makes it easy for you to consume it, the worse it usually is for you.

Date Sam from Biggest Loser, he'll teach you everything you need to know. And maybe you can teach him a few things he needs to know in other areas. :-)


"Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there." -- Josh Billings.

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Bahaha just like to clarify

Bahaha just like to clarify that im not that fat that i'd only get chubby chasers... i just need to tone up. but as luck would have it, i engaged in the serivces of a personal trainer last night! a freelance girl who'll charge mates rates!