Tired, gardens, walking

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This morning I went to kilometer club walked a couple kilometers then did co-op stuff then went to my school had music then physics and then walked home. Yes i walked home! It's a pretty good walk it's a couple kilometers. It was only hard cuz a bit ago I pulled a muscle in my leg and i keep bugging it when i walk long distance and wouldn't you know right when i started to really walk. (like other then across the street) It started to hurt and it didn't help the side was was uneven so i leaned away from it make it' hurt more because it's my longer leg. Hard to explain but now it hurts like hell. But it's almost a good kind of hurt.
My shoe is also beginning to wear through right at the ball (I think that's what it's called but the part right after the toes) and where the muscle/bone or whatever of my big toepoints out of the ball. But mostly just on my pulled muscle leg. So now i kind of have a sore where my big toe muscle begins. I think it's the muscle i dunno it's just the really big part of the ball of my foot under the big toe.
In a non obvious way i'm trying to make it known to the people close to me (grandma mom dad sister etc) that i'm trying to get healthy. I mention that i walk all the time how far i walk. Most have seen me eating fruits and veggies when i normally have pizza or some other food for me that isn't all that great.
I'm trying to decide on dinner. I'm thinking maybe some mixed veggies and some pasta. With Bananas and Strawberries for desert. I love strawberries with a passion. They are soo very very very yummy. I've gone through like two packs in the past few days.
I can't wait till my dad's garden starts growing because it has a strawberry patch that is coming in pretty well this year apparently then he'll plant tomatos, green peppers and i think he's already planted the carrots and i'm not sure about the beans. But it's such a great way to get fresh food. I totaly suggest to people who like fruits and veggies and such to plant stuff in the spring for the summer. Me n my mom have to plant our tomato and green peppers and onions this year again and i think garlic this year too. But we just moved in so we're still trying to find somewhere that will be good for planting. At our other house (my dads) the one side yard is the garden.
If my legs don't hurt later or if they hurt less then i'm gunna take my dog out for a bit of a walk later.