To bad i'm queer

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I wish this world was a safe enough place. A place where i could just yell back to people... "TO bad I'm QUEER!" I was walking my dog minding my own buisness. I was feelin great wearing my big sweats and my new comfy sweatshirt listening to "For the Night's I can't remember" By Hedley. These 3 guys from my school are biking towards me. I move over on the side walk because that's just what you do to be curtious and as they pass the one guy goes Luke (pointing to another) is single and started laughing and crap. They were obviously trying to make fun of me and stuff and it didn't bother me that much i just wanted to yell so bad "TO BAD I'M QUEER!!!!" but i knew doing so would be a really bad idea because these guys are nasty and mean. 3 of them and one of me. I'm pretty sure they'd win the fight and they would to. They have no problem beating up there own friends and random other people. I've seen them do it before.
So instead i just kept on walking and turned my music up louder and held my head up high.


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I still haven't quite gotten

I still haven't quite gotten over that whole teenage invincibility thing in that I pretty much say and do whatever I want, with regards to my queerness, without fear of physical harm. Perhaps its because I've been in a highly liberal environment for the past 4 years, but even before that, in my rural middle America hometown, I was the same. Maybe it has more to do with being comfortable in my own skin than any actual fear of being beaten up or possibly even killed. I don't know.

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Seems contradictory to need the world to be a safe enough place so you are able to taunt people back, no? Seems like an unsafe instinct.

Not responding to such nonsense is the right response despite how safe the world is.


"Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there." -- Josh Billings.

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I want it to be a safer more

I want it to be a safer more open place so that i can say im queer... not as a retort or anything just in general without having any fear.
~~~Fear is only a verb if you let it be.. don't you dare let go of my hand~~~