"use of word 'gay' offensive"

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"With the government looking at changing some of the same sex laws, perhaps its time for the political correctness police to start listening to noe of the silent majority instead of always taking the side of the vocal minority.
the dictionary defines the word "gay" as adjective; light-hearted, sportive, mirthful, cheery.
this is absolutely nothing about it meaning being attracted to the same sex.
i have a friend whose second name is Gaye, and she can't use it without drawing suggestive looks or comments.
homosexual describes them perfectly. is it just because female homosexuals have their own name for themselves that men feel the need to call themselves something other than homosexual?
since the political correctness police use 'someone might find it offensive' as an excuse to stop the use of a term or word, i consider the use of the term 'gay' should be stopped.
why? because i and probably many others of the silent majority find it offensive.
i have nothing against homosexuals, just their use of the term 'gay'".

This appeared in my local paper as a letter to the editor. i was so flabbergasted by it, that i seriously retyped here to share. how many things are wrong with this article? i just cant believe it. this cockhead seriously needs to get over himself.
i'm planning of writing it, saying, "I'm offended by the term straight. Is it because gay people have a word that they need a word too? Heterosexual describes it perfectly."


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Similar to the silly Lesbians and their lawsuit (referring to the Greek island dwellers there), at a certain point, it's just a dumb argument. We let them file the Bible under non-fiction in the bookstore. Everyone has to give a little...


"Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there." -- Josh Billings.

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Hey it's just like using the

Hey it's just like using the word gay to describe something silly (ie. 'That's so gay', 'you fucking fag', ect.)

Don't be like one of those buffet Christians.

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But like, picture in your

But like, picture in your mind the sort of person who writes in to local newspapers. The writer is probably the sort of person who corrects grammar unsolicited and has a house full of readers' digest and dog hair.

Defining a word is like performing an autopsy; dictionaries are cemeteries for words. And it's not like definitions aren't useful, but to pin a word down forever you have to kill it first. People who wave a dictionary in an argument as though it actually helps them are idiots. They're just grave robbers.

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at first

when I started reading I didn't notice the quotations, and thought that craziness was your opinion! I was like "What??? Am I reading this correctly????Scandal!! Boy!!! you know better than that!!!!"
Then I realized it was just some letter to editor writing idiot, and I felt much better. So even though, like you mentioned, there are so many things wrong with the letter, I finished your entry feeling relieved!lol