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So here's my update
Grease went off amazing, the cast parties were fun, it's done and it's kind of sad but i can't wait for the next play. Pit band is fun.
I'm trying to get healthy because i honestly can't remember what it feels like. Ever since i can remember i've been over weight well the first few years of grade school i wasn't (the pictures prove it). But ever since then i've been over weight or "big" and now it's a serious problem because i don't feel comfortable around people- even my friends and family. I just want to get to the point where i'm comfortable in my own body.
I've been walking as much as possible and eating healthy. I've started running a bit but i'm slowly running a bit more. Well today was my first day of running/jogging. Before i was speed walking/almost jogging. But today i was racing around with my step-sister in Kilometer club. Kilometer club is a club the school i co-op at has started and basically you walk or run around the track every lap you get a popsicle stick and then they collect them. They are trying to walk across canada. So they know it's soo many kilometers or miles and then they know each popsicle stick is soo much of a kilometer or mile. So it's kinda cool they kids are having a blast and alot of parents are out there too because parents or teachers just give them to a random kid to be counted up.
I had forgotten how great running felt. We were passing a ball back and forth as we walked then I sarted running ahead to throw it to her. It ended with us running to finish the lap first, then me chasing her mostly it was just little wind sprints so on thursday i want to try and run consistantly at a pace i could keep up for a lap or so.
My puppy is soo much happier then he used to be because i bring him out for walks at least 3 times a week now which he loves. Ever walk is different which makes it fun for me. I let him chose the direction's we turn or go for awhile and then i try and find a way back.
The other day we went down to the Marina which was pretty cool. I'd never been down there before once we got there we walked around for a bit then i sat on a bench and watched the water which was peaceful. Next time i'm gunna go out on one of the docks.
I'm trying to find some woods or paths or something different other then sidewalks for me and my dog to go nearby. I've never really walked around so the whole area is kind of new to me.
Thursday i plan on walking home from school. I can't do it tomorrow because i have music and if it takes to long i won't have time to get home and ready and such. Once i know how long it takes then i'll know which days i can and can't walk home and how long it takes etc.
Anyone heard or seen Ruby around lately. I have't even heard from her via MSN, here, facebook, text, phone, or myspace (we communicate in many ways.. me n ruby are tight lol).
I don't think i have to much more to update everyone on. That is all for now.


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Don't ignore the diet half, physical activity only gets you so far.


"Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there." -- Josh Billings.

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I am... lots of fruits n

I am... lots of fruits n veggies, limiting/ cutting off sugary foods especially chocolate and such, lots of water, trying to cut back on pop.
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