"What about the marsh-melloooows?"

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"Who"--(and imagine this being sung)--"wants marshemellows?"
"Iiii dooo"
"For toast-iiiiiing"

So goes the only vaguely interesting event that I can remember happening to me between now and whenever it was that interesting things last happened to me, specific dates pertaining to which have slipped my mind right now. If I think hard enough, I might remember them...

*squints into the distance as a despairing look slowly creeping across face*

Um...I'll think it over, but in the meantime, my school did a musical-in-a-box (from whose box I can't really remember...Hal Leonard's, maybe?) version of Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella, which turned out pretty well, for a junior musical. I subtley manipulated a friend so that I could pretend she'd forced me to participate, and I auditioned for the part of the King. It's a big enough role that it's not a complete extra, but small enough that I could take it and run with it to China if I wanted to (no, not China--I've heard the air's like road tar there--Sweden, let's say) without being swooped upon for not taking the whole thing seriously enough.

I think I did rather well. *big grin* We were given little forms to fill out to tell who in the cast did what the best, and most of the cast have been telling me that they've nominated me, *positively glows with self-importance*, me--for best actor! Wheeee!

Oh, also, I found a legally ambiguous website with all the bbc's hitch hiker's guide to the galaxy radio shows for download. :-)