advice for life

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something I discovered today.

it's very important to appreciate the simple, almost unnoticed things in life, because they can make you very happy.

there's lots of simple things that I enjoy that people rarely even notice, like zooming down the highway in a car with the windows rolled down and the wind blowing in your face while listening to your favorite song (I did that today); or walking in a downpour, taking in the scent of falling rain.

never underestimate the simple pleasures nature gives us-- they can be Her greatest gifts.


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oh. I did that this evening

oh. I did that this evening during my dinner. Every day, you just eat and eat. But do you really enjoy it? Sure it tastes good, but have you stooped to analyze every facet of texture, taste and flavor? Really tried to discern if the food had a hint of umami or sourness, if there was a soft tinge of banana in it? Actually feel the grains of rice? See how the flavor develops as the food moves from the front to the soft pallet?

It's quite amazing and remarkable.

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Isn't it so hard to believe

Isn't it so hard to believe how ungrateful we can be?
I sometimes think about things like what you two have mentioned, but then on occasion I realize that I'll never truly understand and be able to appreciate what I have unless I am truly, truly, deprived of it. I think the same goes for everyone else too.

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Ive been noticing stuff like that too, like watching your crush smile/laugh better yet making her laugh. Siting in the shade, feeling trees and leaves-yes I know that sounds odd dont read into that im not a weirdo-or watching my two year old brother. Singing. Just the little stuff
Come Josephine in my flying machine
Going up she goes up she goes
Balance yourself like a bird on a beam
In the air she goes there she goes
Up, up, a little bit higher
Oh, my, the moon is on fire