already wasting my summer.

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that's what I feel like I'm doing. mind you, we're only like, what? 2, 3 weeks into summer vacation? (at least for me, mine started June 10th.)

I feel like I should be working. Or hanging out with friends.

I'd rather hang out with my buddies, only problem is... they all have paying jobs. XD Funny, last summer, I was the one working everyday, and my friends were the ones stuck at home with nothing to do. Oh the irony...

So, in other news, A and I are talking again. I'm happy. Today we were talking about music and he sent me a bunch of songs, and I really liked them <3 I'm just so happy that this whole mess is behind us now. After that crap happened between us and we stopped talking, I missed him so much-- not because there was a chance of being with him romantically, but because of the time we spent together. I missed that, talking with someone who understood me, people watching with him, laughing at each other's jokes. He made me happy, simple as that. And then we made that one mistake that fucked everything up. But it's in the past, and I'm not letting that stop me from being A's friend. So I hope we can hang out soon, like before. Maybe watch a movie, do some people watching.

I'm so excited, I leave for Puerto Rico in *counts on his fingers* 6 days from now! God I can't wait to leave. It's going to be great, hopefully, if it doesn't rain or anything. I want to spend ample time at the beaches there, tropical beaches beat the Jersey shore any day. And I want to go to the Camuy caves again, I went on my last trip without a camera (a good camera anyway), so I missed out on all sorts of cool shots. I'd also like to hit one of the Taino Indian tribal parks, learn a little about my history... I've been researching the Taino culture's religious systems lately, so I want to learn a little more. And I want to visit at least one museum and the family graves (pay my respects). I think I'll get it all done, I do have 10 days there.

Then, when I come back, well... I have no idea what I'll be doing. I'd like to go to New York with some friends during the summer though. Do a little sightseeing, shopping... every time we go to New York, we always visit family. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but New York is such a great place that it seems that it seems wasteful to spend 2 hours there visiting family... especially after a 2 hour drive.