Awards and Such.

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We had class/awards day today. I should've gotten the science award, but they forgot I was a freshman because i wasn't taking the silly little kiddy sciences called Intro to Phys. Sciences (The class is a joke, the teacher is horrible and no one likes it. And by no one, I mean no one) and Earth Sciences (I skipped that, no opinion therefore, but I heard it's even worth than Into to Phys. Sciences...), but instead i was talking a sophomore/junior/senior(optional class, so anyone can take it after Basic Biology) level class: Advanced Biology

Then someone brought up why the hell I didn't get that award and my Biology teacher apologized for overlooking me (she doesn't teach freshmen so she didn't concentrate on freshmen) and said if I felt jipped or anything that she was sorry. So that totally made up for that not-getting-the-award-because-it's-for-kiddy-sciences thing.

Then they recognized me for doing that trip to N'Orleans to help with the post-Katrina situation. That surprised the shit out of me.