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I had to watch my nephew this morning, he's only like 14 months. When his mom dropped him off she said to not let him play on the stairs what so ever. Well he kept trying to climb them and I finally gave up on chasing after him and just let him climb them. He ended up getting his head stuck between the staircase railings. I just had to pull his head back and he got out ok. Its not like he can talk or anything so his mom won't ever find out...
Then I went and played tennis with one of my sisters. We suck but its still pretty fun. I think I'm good at lobbing it I think its called, where you hit it and it goes up really high?
My basketball coach called me and practically bitched me out for not coming to any of the open gyms, its summer I don't want to waste it on going to open gyms at 6 AM! Especially when I'm not even serious about basketball, its only highschool. Plus high school sports are just politics anyway, if you don't have the right last name don't expect to get much playing time.


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Are they mandatory

Are they mandatory practices?
If not - fuck the coach. Do whatever you want.

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The practices aren't

The practices aren't mandatory, thankfully. I'm just afraid that if I don't go to them I won't get any playing time. And I'm not going to fuck the coach because I'm pretty sure some girls on the team already have. :/

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WTF are these open

WTF are these open practices? We don't have those... I think. Ionno, I do the 'alternative sports' (A.K.A. the ones we actually win): X-C, T&F and Nordic skiing one year.

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wat!!! plz im in soccer and i dont go to the open fields...who da hell wants to be up at 6 in the morning for sports in highschool during the summer...none of the athletes i know and we r a pretty athletic group...and bout the baby nephew totally agree would have done the same thing...i'd prolly start playin wit him :)

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when i was a baby i got my head stuck in the staircase railing too. my mom couldn't get me out. i guess i had a pretty fat head. or maybe becuz she was a first-time mom, she was scared that if she tried to pull me out she would hurt me or something. a lady from up the street came by and pulled the bars apart! good times. those baby-gates, placed at the tops and bottom of the staircase, would be useful to prevent this from happening [in addition to preventing babies from rolling down the stairs].