Can't keep it straight

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So last night I had a softball game. We lost big time.. anyway when my team was on defense the ball was hit to 3rd base (if you know anything about softball the pitching mound is right in between 1st and 3rd base) So 3rd base TRIES to throw the ball to 1st and ends up throwing into the side of the pitchers head. It was awsome because i hate the pitcher! It knocked her on her ass. It was so hard not to laugh when I was out on the field. The pitcher is o.k. but she sat out the rest of the game. I know its mean to be happy that it happened but i don't like her so therefore its the funniest thing in the world. I love it when people you don't like get hurt (not seriously hurt, im not that big of a bitch) or when they embaress themselves.
*the title of this journal........ My dad made me mow the yard yesturday, but I'm not "allowed" to mow it anymore because i didn't keep the mower straight enough so there was like unmowed patches in our yard :). I guess i'm just not straight enough to even mow a yard


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I hate mowing myself, I

I hate mowing myself, I think its funny what happened to ya and hope that you don't have to mow the yard again!