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I've givin up on trying to teach myself how to play guitar, so I'm calling this place tomorrow to get lessons. I told my dad about it and he said I would have to pay for them myself, ugh that means all the money I will get for painting the fence will have to go to lessons. About that, I'm dumb and decided to paint the fence in my Vans, well they're now ruined. I didn't even think that I would get paint on them. Oh well I guess now I have an excuse to get new shoes now, not that I ever need an excuse. Back to the guiter lessons, I hope they can teach me because I'm left handed and my sister told me that sometimes they won't teach you if you're left handed.

Oh and I got to watch the GLAAD awards because my parents were gone. When Mathew Shepards mom talked it made me tear up. And when they gave out an award to Barbera Walters for a tv thing she did about trangendered youth, seeing that like 6 year old girl cry made me want to cry with her. I'm weird like that, when I see people cry it makes me want to cry because I want to make them feel better and can't. Anyway, the awards werent what I expected, I don't know, I thought they would be more gay? Or like there should have been more to it. Oh and Kathy Griffin is really funny.


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Why the heck wouldn't they

Why the heck wouldn't they teach you if you were left handed? Even if they don't, you can still try to play right handed, I suppose.

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I don't know why they

I don't know why they wouldn't be able to teach me, I suppose it might be harder for them or something? But I've gotten used to learning how to do things backwards; like I've been taught how to do everything righthanded and I have to figure out how to do it all the opposite way.

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I think you should

I think you should definitely keep playing lefty. Starting over would be counterproductive.
Maybe if they don't know if they can teach you properly you could get them to give you lessons for less money?.. really not sure.

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Kathy Griffin's fucking

Kathy Griffin's fucking hilarious. My favorite.