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I have this stupid fucking Math project. I hate it so much! It's on HIV/AIDS. And this seems to much like review to me. Especially the Exponential Model part with CD4+ T-Lymphocyte levels. I went on a tangent in my notes explaining what CD34+ T-Lymphocytes are involved in and why HIV is such an effective virus.

And then I printed so much crap from the WHO and UNAIDS.

It's 11:40 right now. I should be in bed. This is crap.


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At least your getting your

At least your getting your crap done, that's worth it in my opinion...maybe later you can burn it? LOL

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All my research, my packet

All my research, my packet outlining my project, my simulation models and tools and my poster we all passed in.

It was strange with the presentation though, I went into this two minute spiel about immunology and cell biology... The teacher also got HIV/AIDS in my simulation model. Not the best thing in the world...