converting into mp3

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Having an ipod will be great... when everything is done. It's only on the Cs and it's been running for over an hour. Whew. Easier than uploading disc after disc though.

I didn't mention what happened at my work the other day. Lots of people I know come in, and so I was thinking "what if Z comes in? for a father's day present or something?" and sure enough, not long after the thought, here she comes in with her mom. I automatically have to say hello to any entering customers, so as soon as I here the door open it's second nature to turn and greet them. I saw that it was her and pretty much shit a brick. She gave a friendly "hey!" and kept walking. They left without buying anything.

Oh, whatever. I messaged her later trying to start a casual conversation, asked her what she was up to at my work, etc, and tried to ask how she was doing or something, and the message has been "read" but no reply [myspace]. So, whatever. That's probably as close to closure as it's going to get unless I directly ask "do you want to date me!" but come on... she doesn't.

So take it! Move on, self, for Christ's sake. A girl who won't give you the time of day isn't worth YOUR time of day.


I saw "The Strangers" today with my dad. Has anyone seen it? That shit was suspenseful. I think what mostly makes it scary is that it's realistic. That shit could happen to anyone, really.


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I saw that movie. I found it

I saw that movie. I found it more disturbing than scary (especially the last 10 min or so).

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Oof.... damn coincedences...

Oof.... damn coincedences... bah, she's not worth your time if she doesn't talk to you. Bah, I say!

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