Creepy Old Guys

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So last night I volunteered at this Marine Corps fish fry. I had to do the drinks. I basically just had to make sure there was enough of all the different drinks. It was easy but pretty boring. The place was packed full of old people. So I was just standing there and this old man in a trucker hat and decomposing teeth came up to me and said you need to smile, a pretty girl like you should never not be smiling. I forced myself to laugh and smile. And he chose to sit at the table right in front of where I was and he stared at me the entire time. He would also randomly come up to me and stand in front of me with a smile. And he would go up to other people and point to me and tell them to make sure that I had a smile on my face.
Well it didn't stop there with just one creepy old man. Another one came up to the drink table and was like "Wow, how many boyfriends do you have?" I wanted to be like so many its made me go gay. Instead I just handed him a drink and smiled.
I really really hope that I am not creepy when I get older. I know they were just being friendly but its still weird. I don't want to get old!