dance fever

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ok so yesterday i went to a salsa club. it was a lot of fun. there were so many people on the dance floor. lets just say bumping into people was something that was unavoidable. it was so much fun tho. i did do a little salsa dancing with this guy who i had danced with in dance class who actually knows how to lead. ive been told by the dance teacher that i dont know how to follow. i dont really care tho. i think that the dance teacher here is good except for the fact that he wants everyone to dance exactly as he tells them to. oh well. it was fun tho. they had club music too which included american music of course. so i got home at like 130 in the morning. which isnt that bad. im not even very tired. all in all quite eventful.


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haha i love dancing....even tho i cant dance...salsa?? hmm is it hard??....

Theres always something to laugh about in life...

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Isn't the point of dance class to do it exactly like everyone else? Until you have the solid foundation, you don't have anything to bring to the party beyond that yet.

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Salsa is so much fun! If you

Salsa is so much fun! If you liked Salsa, try merengue as well, you'll have a blast!

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