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today was lovely..
so i went to the dr. because i thought i had strep.
then when the dr. looked in my mouth she spazzed
aparently one of my tonsils was 3 times the size it should be
she told me that i needed to go to the ER and that i might have a peritonsillarabscess
then she rambled about needing some med students to come look at me
she said i was show and tell...
then when they swabed my tonsils she told me i was great at opening my mouth and i should give lessons
then once in the ER we sat in a room and waited an hour
the dr. came in then wisked me to another room
i had to put on one of those gown things that dont cover your ass
i did not really understand why
i mean i was in there for my throught!
then a nurse came in
she looked ant my throught and jumped when she saw it
she went to speak to a dr. then 2 dr's came in and both looked at it
and yet again both of them commented on how well i open my molth...
one of them left and looked for a specileist and the other stayed and told my mom to leave the room
she asked me all the questions about if i was haveing sex and what have you
then the other came in with a swapy thing and told me she was going to take a nother strep test
b4 she did it she said she was really ganna gag me to get a good sample
then she poked my tonsil with it
i did not gag
then she said wow you dont even have a gag reflecs
i sighed and thought to my self thats a great skill for a lesbian...
they both left so i could put on my cloths
as i was putting on my pants the specilist came in
then shut the door
i got my pants on then he walked in looked at it and said it was no big deal
i just need anti biotics 3 times a day....


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"You open your mouth really

"You open your mouth really well"
"Wow no gag reflex!"
Haha geez thats so awkward.

That sounds painful! I hate sore throats and that sounds like a SuperSore Throat. Hope you get better soon!

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All the tools needed for a straight do hope u get better....i hate any kind of throat sickness....

Theres always something to laugh about in life...

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you sound like me at an

you sound like me at an electronics store. one person left and three came back. that always happens to me.

'Oh Brave New World!'
- Brave New World
I think...

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Lol...that's fucking

Lol...that's fucking awesome..I'd laugh about that for days...

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