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...do not enter journal topic if pregnant, suffering from high blood pressure, have had history of...etc., etc.


My family was in Wal-Mart, looking for one of those famous high-quality Wal-Mart tents (well, I suppose they don't actually make them--God forfend they ever get into manufacturing--but, you know what I mean, things bought at Wal-Mart always make me feel vaguely uncomfortable), and, and...

*rereads to try to remember what the entry was supposed to be about*...

Oh, yes, my family was in Wal-Mart, looking for one those famous high-quality Wal-Mart tents, when I noticed something playing on one of the many telescreens they had mounted on various bits of the store, called "The Lisa Show". It was this little cartoon they had playing on a loop on every second or third screen. It was first time I ever saw it (first time I ever saw the TVs, too, actually).

Lisa was in a spelling bee.
"Your word..., said a cute yellow speech bubble from the bottom corner of the screen
"..is... (and this is where it zoomed in on the bead of sweat running down Lisa's face)

Do you have those DQ commercials wherever you are, with that dad offering a scary looking kid (presumably his) a taste of his whatever-it-is--some sort of ice cream thing--if he can only say "this one little word: antidisestablishmentarianism".

I never really saw anything past that in "The Lisa Show"--presumably it was advertising dictionaries or something. But as I walked away I distincly remember thinking:

"I smell a conspiracy"

*rummages around closet, trying to remember where that tin foil hat is*


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Lol, randomniss is always

Lol, randomniss is always good. That kid on the dq commercial is scary looking... I can't even say "antidisestablishmentarianism." <--- i had to copy and paste that