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I finally finished Chinese School for the year ~_~
It's so annoying.
I'm really bad at speaking Chinese, and can hardly read/write it, but my parents insist on "learning a new language" and also insist to put me in the faster class.
My marks were pretty bad, B-/C+'s.
It's finally over

Also, while walking into the high school where these classes are held, next to the raised floor to the door, I spotted a day of silence card with a string near the top. The string was unfrayed, the card pretty white, so I guessed that it was pretty new. Walking in, I realized that the day of silence was like a month ago. It made my day anyway, though, to know that there are LGBT rights activists in my community.


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Oh oh oh! I finished two

Oh oh oh! I finished two weeks ago, so happy...and hopefully my parents won't force me in. I can speak okay but with this accent, and I have the reading/writing ability of a three-year old...
I'm just glad it's over. Congratulations to you, too!

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Umm... Thanks? XD

Umm... Thanks? XD

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I'm learning Japanese. It's

I'm learning Japanese. It's wonderful and horrible at the same time. I'm learning it on my own though. XD But I can understand the whole reading and grammar and learning thing. I can hardly read any kanji. And the weird "Subject-Object-Verb" type grammar kills. XD I love learning new languages though. ^^

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Yeah, Chinese is difficult.

Yeah, Chinese is difficult. I had Chinese 1 this year as my language course, and I'm taking Chinese 2 next year. I'm way better at reading/writing it than I am at speaking. 你好!

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