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okay. I was cleaning my room today and my fucking throat closes. Like, WTF! I thought this was exercise induced asthma that I haven't seen a doctor for yet. When the hell did it go allergen style on my ass?

Then y'know, i made some tempera dipped tofu w/ rice and wasabi. Not allergic to anything there. But it wasn't real wasabi, it was the fake super lime green type that they make extra spicy and that actually contains no wasabi flavor. And it was so fucking spicy. Like an eight of tsp sent me into a crying fit. Then with the second one, i was coughing so hard and my throat actually closed up!

My throat closed up twice in one day! One because of allergens and then another because of severe irritation.

Oh and when ever I do a vital capacity test I get mild asthma symptoms...

How come the athletic son that doesn't smoke has asthma?
Sounds like fucking horse crap to me...


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i know!! thats happened to

i know!! thats happened to me and im like i didnt do anything....its horrible growing up wit sports and asthma....at the same time...

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The title could seriously

The title could seriously lead itself in another direction. I just hope I'm not the only one that noticed.