Fuck Saskatchewan!

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I just found out that my best friend since grade 4 is moving to Saskatchewan. FUCK! Honestly it's our grade 12 yr next year. Although we don't go to the same school she was going to be my prom date unless i had a gf. And whenever my dad got married or my aunt she was once again going to be my date. I fucking hate this. She can't now because neither of us have the money (nor do our families) to pay for that. I'm giving up my summer vacation with my mom so that we can save money and sometime next year i can go visit my friend.
Yes i realize that when we both went away to university we would have been seperated but i wasn't ready to be seperated so soon. If she moves to Saskatoon (which she's pretty sure that's the area she's moving to) then we'll be about a day and 2 hours apart.
Her dad is about to lose his job and he's been offered a job out there. Her mom has started putting i transfer papers. She's fixing up her kitchen to sell the house and next weekend they're having a garage sale. Hopefully I'll have most of the summer to spend with her.
I'm trying ot look on the bright side it's just hard. But we're going to get long distance calling cards and New Years which we always spend together we're going to call each other... on both of our midnights... since we'll live in different time zones. And we were making fun of her new possible school but it's actually okay they seem to have a good music program and a lot of different clubs.


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long distance calling cards? Skype is free.

Also, not sure why you're so distraught that your *backup* prom date won't be available. I mean, you say backup, but it reads as though you already intended to not have a prom date and she would go. In which case, you now have more reason (and enough time) to ensure you never needed a backup in the first place.


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True skype is free but i

True skype is free but i like actually using the phone. We'll probably alternate between skype, msn, and the phone.
She is my backup ... kind of. I wasn't looking because she was suppose to be it. There was only going to be a small chance that she wasn't going to be my date. Lesbians are hard to find in this city.
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Time Zones suck

My best friend moved to BC in 2001 i know your pain i havent seen her since skype is a god get your self a mic and cam and skype and it will be a goddess hehe she has since married and had a kid and i havent seen her since Dec 18, 2001 but when i am done college in April I plan to go visit! if you need to talk about how i survived a long distance friendship message me
and btw be prepared your gonna cry for like a week straight!!