happy in a sugar coated materialistic kinda way.

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so my birthday was the 28th.
i aged, big friggen deal lol.
but anyways,
my mother wanted to spend a day with me.
here's a little inside look on that.
i woke up at 11am.
took a shower.
got ready,
the makeup.
the hair.
i was all good.
lookin' good.
feelin' good.
great start.
first we ate at a place called 'the staggering ox'
which made me giggle a little.
but it really was a little creative place.
they bake their bread in a tin can.
i think it's cuz they like to watch you handle the challenge of eating a sandwhich shaped as a tin can.
then afterwards we were headed to the highlight of my day.
getting my snake bites.
i already had the right side of my lip pierced but i needed the other side.
i walked in,
signed a piece of paper, my mom signed it, and a tall overly tattooed dude plopped me down in a chair and slipped on some plastic gloves.
everything was pre packaged and steryl which aparently my mother liked i didnt really care much i wanted my piercing. hah.
so he clamped it and didnt even warn me
"123here we go" *pushes the needle threw*
holy fucker on an ant hill.
i wanted to smack the hoe.
but i actually was pleased cuz i believe i would of moved if he would of warned me and it would of risked the accuratness of my piercing.
so that swelled up a little.
we were on our way to old navy.
where there was this dyke ((pardon my name calling))
who was flirting with me like crazy.
i was like "uhm..."
and she was like "what?"
i had to break it to her,
i have a gf and even if i didnt she wasnt getting anywhere with me
"i have a gf hunnie and... your really not my type"
i left her with a sad look and her mom gave me the evil eye for the rest of my time there.
then we headed to the valley mall
first stop was claire's.
not that great.
except for the fact that i got some speakers for my mp3.
then we went to icing which is like claire's except it's got good stuff.hah.
so i got hair clips, necklaces, and lipgloss.
then we went to hottopic where i got some more hair clips another necklace and had an interesting convo with a fat dude about underoaths meet and greet.
then we went to anchorblue. where i got some kickass screen tee's.
so i was pretty stoked.
then we stopped at wal*mart on the way home, i needed some mouthwash.
so we got that and then i got in the car and rocked out to a song that was the most amazing song ever.
Addicted by saving abel.
most amazing song ever.
listen to it.
lol it's abit unsensitive so just a warning.

but anyways.
that was my recap.


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You're allowed to call other dykes dykes, it's sort of like how black people can use nigger. No worries...

"Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment." - Rumi

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hey!!! i find that

hey!!! i find that offensive...jk....now i feel good...i got two words other people cant say...hahaha
Theres always something to laugh about in life...