Has anyone else noticed?

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That Madonna is definitely not aging well. I think all that botox is finally catching up to her. I mean, I love the woman to death, but she's not all that attractive. I find her occasionally unattractive, borderline repulsive on occasions.

She did look beautiful on the cover of Elle, in the April edition was it? But after all, that's hyper edited, her extremities may or mayn't of been extended and her face was caked with make up and later air blushed and slightly blurred with like a 5% or 10% opacity with any competent graphics editor. So you can't really count Elle, because under those circumstances, Hillary Clinton's legs are actually able to look good in a dress. My bad, I meant presentable. There's nothing, except the Goddess Kylie Minogue, that would be able to fix her legs.

She also has this type of dress and fashion that's on the verge of exhibitionist, very Kylie, or perhaps very Madonna (I'm not sure who took the style first, but that's unimportant and irrelevant), and it's kinda of disgusting. I mean, with Kylie, even though she's my goddess, I'm kind of grossed out about the skin shown, even though she does look amazing.

Then Madonna, she has the ego of every politician in the United States and the United Kingdom put together. She could run the United States solely on her ego. I mean, she does have amazing reputation and prestige, but seriously? Are you really THAT important?

And in other news, Yves Saint Laurent died this Sunday... Hillary Clinton was among the mourners, because without this amazing man, who had many characteristics of a culture genius, there would not be pant suits around. Without the pant suit, Hillary Clinton would be forced to wear dresses, which would reveal her legs. Because of that, Hillary would've gotten 3 votes, one from herself, one from Bill and one from Chelsea, her daughter, losing the democratic primary.

That's all folks!


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this made me giggle. :) how

this made me giggle. :)

how lovely and rambling.

Leave you alone for FIVE MINUTES!

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i totally agree about the

i totally agree about the whole madonna thing. i saw her music video with justin and she looked kind of like she was trying to look really young which caused her to just look older.

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