Haven't posted in a while, but anyway,

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School's ending on Thursday.
And Thursday's a half day.
Summer's gonna suck.
At first I was happy; Now I'm sad.
I don't know how I'm gonna deal without S.
He's so perfect.

The only consolation is that I get to go a summer camp.
10 days away from my parents~Hooray!~
I'll get to see my best friend- who, this year in December, changed schools to a boarding school pretty far away from where I live, so that'll be nice.

School this year was both wonderful and soul-crushing.
So many things have happened.
I'm less happy, in general,
But I've grown closer to some of my friends- most are now further away.
I hope I'll be in S.' class next year, but I will miss the people in Grade 8.
They're so nice;
I trust them.


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Life is about wish fulfillment, so I'm sorry you're ordering up a summer that sucks. Enjoy...

Unless you're dating S, or told S about you AND that you're into him, etc., etc., then you already live without him, technically, no? If not seeing him every day will just make it hard to continue the projection that you are more than friends, then that's a good reality to soak up.

The long you lust after people you can't have, the longer you're not looking for the ones that are actually available to you...

"Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment." - Rumi

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hey...u dont know somthing

hey...u dont know somthing gonna suck till it sucks...i thought this summer would suck...but i have made two new friend and meetin new people...so it rocks...but try it out....why dont u go get a job or join a club or learn something....jus get out....

Theres always something to laugh about in life...