I can has Journal (again)?

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Hi, I'm not sure if anyone remembers me; it's been 9 months since I last posted! So re-introduction...
Name: I used to go by kaleigh (ew) on here, but I'm identifying as ftm now, so it's Kyle
Pronouns: Male
Grade: Junior
Age: 15

A lot has happened since I last posted (most of it depressing, sorry) so I'll just put into a list some of the major things that are worth mentioning.

1. I've started to accept myself as a transsexual and plan on taking hormones and getting chest surgery as soon as I come out to my parents or I turn 18. I guess I'm back in the closet again which sucks, but at the same time I know that I'm not ready to come out to everyone. When I came out as a lesbian I don't think I had enough time to process it myself. Does that make sense? What I mean is as much as being out to everyone is great, it's also good to be able to have the time to think about what it means to be queer. Can you tell I'm trying to be optimistic? haha

2.I finally started seeing a therapist for PTSD/depression. I got prescribed an anti-depressant and had a severe reaction to it, which affected my judgment horribly. Long story short, I ended up taking 16 pills at once (1600 mg). Why I did it is a hard for me to put up here on Oasis for the world to see, but if you want to know you can PM me and I'll explain.

3.On a more happy note, I made the foreign exchange program at my school! I'm going to Spain for three weeks! I'm nervous and excited at the same time. Anyone who's been in a similar situation have any advice on living with a host family, or any useful information?

4.Sophomore year is over! It's so weird to think that when I was in 5th grade I used to think it was never going to end! Now I can see the finish line (pardon the sports analogy ;-) . Two more years..and then college ugh hahha

It's cool coming back to Oasis and seeing some names I remember and others I'm like "Who the hell is that?" haha Speaking of usernames I really need to change mine; it's kind of emo to say the least. Is that possible? Has anyone changed theirs?

Anyways, Hi again everyone!