I can't sleep.

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The title says it all, ladies and germs. It's REFLECTION TIME. Oooooh.

I haven't realized until now how much less I've enjoyed writing since I decided to become a writer. 2 years ago. I've made a difficult but necessary choice: if I want to write, I can't be a writer. Sounds paradoxical, hm? Well, not quite. The pressure of putting out is just too much for me; my work becomes all craft and no art. I think the only way I can write what I really want to write is by doing it just for the sake of it, and nothing else. Being an overachiever has rocketed me through school, but I've come to learn that it's poison when it comes to art.

Is it me, or is the novel 1984 waaaaay too drawn out?

Oh, hey, who wants to see some of my art? I just started drawing a couple months ago.



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Ooh, I like your style.

Ooh, I like your style. drawing, that is.

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I find writing most enjoyable after you've been writing daily and consistently for about 2 weeks. Then, you start to feel like you're channeling the material more, it's more effortless, and it's nearly like you enjoying it as the first reader than anything else... but I think most creative things are more perspiration than inspiration. Inspiration isn't required, you just have to put yourself in a place where you're producing "shitty first drafts," as Anne Lamott says.

I start revising my bohemoth of a draft in like 2-3 weeks, and I'm already looking forward to it, knowing it will have a completely different ending when I finish. It's a mountain of work, but I know it's far more satisfying an reading experience than what is there now. So, just have to put yourself in that place and keep rolling up your sleeves...


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Bah, it's confusing. I tried

Bah, it's confusing. I tried your method of just getting through the first draft and then revising the hell out of it several times. All of those times I wasn't really happy with the way the story turned out. Once I write something shitty, I have a really hard time of making it NOT shitty. I make better work when I just do a good job in the first place, even if it does take longer. I enjoy it more that way, too.

I'm always eager to learn from people with experience and take any advice I can get; it's pretty much always good stuff. I've heard advice similar to yours many, many times, and I've tried utilizing it like all the other information I've received, but it just doesn't seem to be working with me. I'm really hoping the reason is that I'm simply different from most writers, rather than being, you know, a stubborn fool who'll fail miserably in literary pursuits.

"But don't be afraid to be a fool. Remember, you cannot be both young and wise. Young people who pretend to be wise to the ways of the world are mostly just cynics. Cynicism masquerades as wisdom, but it is the farthest thing from it."
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Nice drawings. Not sleeping

Nice drawings.
Not sleeping is the best that can happen to anyone: even more time to do things, or think, or do whatever you don't have enough time to do in the daytime.
About 1984, I totally agree.

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dude!!! that was totally wicked!!!!...i like ur style....yes...when i want to write. i cant. but when im tryin to sleep. all the words in the world flows out...

Theres always something to laugh about in life...

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I can't write except for

I can't write except for just for the hell of it too. But I'm not aspiring to be a writer so that's okay for me.

I used to not be able to draw except for just for the hell of it as well, but now I can draw for other people and to a deadline (well, I rarely make the deadline but my art teacher gave us ridiculously short amounts of time to do things.) stuff. I'm not sure what got me past that point. Although I'm pretty sure doing all of those projects in art class helped. Maybe you could take a writing class, just so you can sort of prepare yourself for writing as an art on demand like that. Maybe sometime during the class you'll figure it out? It might help. Or maybe doing some kind of writing exercises.

Also, I like your picture, very good for someone who's only been drawing for only a few months. ^^

I've been drawing since forever, XD if you want to see my work it's here: http://landorix.deviantart.com [/shameless plug] (Don't comment about this site on my page please, I don't need all of my friends finding my online diary.^^;)

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Ha, it's funny, I was

Ha, it's funny, I was thinking the exact same things with my writing. I was supposed to go to a writing camp this summer, but it was canceled. I've made my own weekly writing workshop to make up for it. I definitely am writing more now that I have to present my work every week.

Your drawings are so cute! I love your style. I'm still a long ways off from finding any semblance of a style...

"But don't be afraid to be a fool. Remember, you cannot be both young and wise. Young people who pretend to be wise to the ways of the world are mostly just cynics. Cynicism masquerades as wisdom, but it is the farthest thing from it."
-Stephen Colbert