i feel like i'm stuck in hicksville, usa. (and i love it)

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my first entry!!!

today was awesome. i watched two of john (little brother's ) 12& under baseball games in Cooperstown Dreams Park. -- that place is awesome. there's 22 little league baseball fields and about 100 cabins for the teams. my brother's been staying there all week -- anyway, john won the first game 2-1, and lost the second like 11-4. but it was great. last night, kolton was an ass to me and then today he was all weird.. like semi-flirting? idk, :]]. he's cute. he reminds me of river phoenix (oh, i loved himm!) and after that, we got burgers & dogs and went over to AnneMarie & Zoob's rented trailers (believe me, they are amazingly nice for two mobile homes) and had a cookout, and the owner lit a bonfire for us. not once did i think about jword - my crush since the first week of school. i saw the big dipper for the FIRST time tonight! it was amazing. but all the baseball dad's were drunk and singing Jenny (867-530ni-e-ine). and the bullfrogs! - sounded like they were talking (bud - wis - er). hahah. i love that. i love this website. it makes me feel comfortable :]]

i think i'll actually keep up on posting on here. my other blog *which my parents found!!* is like... dying.

oh well.
peace outt.


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Oh my god! River pheonix

Oh my god! River pheonix from Stand By Me! I totally forgot about that movie! Such a cute story =]

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i love riverr :]]

hah, yeah, i remember watching it when i was like 8 and falling in love.
then finding out that he OD'ed on heroin or something four years later.
that killed me.

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Welcome to Oasis...

There really is a Hicksville in NY. BIlly Joel was raised there.

"Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment." - Rumi

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lol, thanks

haha, thats awesome. i had NO clue :P