I may be bored but I still have standards, dear.

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My friends and I went out to a local festival yesterday and had a ton of fun. Now that the weather is finally cooperating I'm pretty confident that my birthday this upcoming weekend will be pretty rad. But back to last night...there was a lot of dancing, drinking and screaming...and my friend Trish dancing on top of a newspaper stand. Since my bf and i broke up I can dance on females without feeling bad, but we're still planning on getting back together so the fun won't last forever.
The whole background to our break up is that I refuse to date him as long as he is living in his parents' house. They're assholes and disrespectful and if loves himself and me, he'll leave. I don't believe in 'breaks' so we completely separated. BUT we do plan on getting back together once he's moved out. I won't be moving in with him right away because I don't have a job right now, but once I get the money saved up I'm fuckin outta here. Even though we do plan on getting back together, I never said I was going to just sit here politely wait. He wants to wait for me, which is fine, but I'm not waiting for him to get his shit together. If I find a girl I dig I'm gonna go for it...whether or not it actually lasts is another story.
Which brings me to another memorable event from last night....so I'm walking with my friends jonesin for a cig when this chick i knew from high school pops back into my life. She's trying to sweet talk me and during it all I'm just thinking, shut the fuck up and give me a cigarette. I asked her for a cig and she gave me one and oh so politely lights it for me. Then asks me if I'm single. My dumbass says yes, then she wants to know if I "wanna talk"....yeah, no.
Maybe if she didn't have more drugs coursing through her veins at that moment than I have had throughout my entire life to date. But no. Oh, and I like my women to look like freakin women, too. Thanks.
Then she asked me if I had talked to one of my exes. Umm, no? Apparently she's a heroin addict now and I don't mess with that shit. Plus I haven't spoken to her in over 2 years. In other words, fuck that.

Pridefest is next weekend (my birthday weekend for sure) and I am very excited. An old friend of mine (one I haven't seen since middle school!) is moving back to Milwaukee to live, but I'm not sure when. I hope in this upcoming week because I miss her more and more now. I just hope she hasn't totally closed into herself..
But I will surely be partying it up all weekend. :D

(if you'll be at Milwaukee Pridefest next saturday, look for the black girl with rainbow thighsocks and a black blouse. that'll be me)